Driving Costa Rica

Driving Costa Rica

Avis cars are allowed to be driven only in Costa Rica; you cannot drive outside of the country.

Depending on the model it may have a very limited coverage in Costa Rica. Some will work only near the biggest towns in Costa Rica and will cease to function in the farthest places (where you will need it the most).

We offer Garmim GPS equipments that are guaranteed to work flawlessly anywhere in Costa Rica and come with the most complete tourist and geographical software available.

Speed limits may vary with the roads. Some highways will tolerate you driving at 100 km/h. Some others allow you to drive at 80 km/h. The speed limits will always be posted on the roadside.

Our best advise, however, is to enjoy the beautiful landscape and take it easy on speed.

All traffic violations are the complete responsibility of the person who signs the rental agreement.

Traffic tickets must be reported at return in order to include them in the amount to be paid; otherwise they will be collected later on your credit card plus an administrative fee.

NONE of Avis cars are allowed to be driven through rivers, ponds, flooded roads or similar environments.

According to the rental contract, all water-related damage or misuses of the rented vehicle make you financially responsible for all the repairs.