Avis Rent a Car is one of the larger rental car companys in the world with presence in over 53 countries, recognized for the quality of their vehicles and the high standards of customer service.

Since 1984 we are present in Costa Rica, we have various awards received in the Latin America and the Caribbean as a franchise and we offer personalized service.

Avis Costa Rica is a leader in the tourism market in the segment of car rental . It is also a company that is part of Grupo DANISSA, who has over 50 years of presence in the country and also has extensive experience in the automotive industry to have other companies like Nissan , Audi and Saisa.

Avis has a late model fleet with carefully selected and maintained vehicles , with the aim of providing transportation solutions to individuals and businesses in any mode requiring rental , both in the short , medium or long term, holiday schemes with daily, weekly , monthly , mini -renting and leasing , which allow customers to meet virtually every need associated with a car.