When going on any kind of trip, people usually use different methods to get around, such as tours, traveling independently, using public transport like buses, trains, taxis, or simply choose the option of renting a vehicle.

If you are a person that prefers freedom and not being tied to transportation schedules and prefer to rent a car, that allows ease of movement and visit the places you want, you want to take into account certain recommendations to ensure that the car you choose effectively cover your travel needs.

Details that must be taken into account

recomendacionesFirst of all, make sure you select a reputable and recognized company in the car rental business, as this will ensure your peace of mind and that of your companions, then you will get great service and quality vehicles.

It is recommended that you book your car in advance because you can get better prices and ensure that the car will reach its destination. This option is vital if you are looking for an economy car as they are the first deal to go.

Read and resolve any doubts you may have with respect to the contract and the liability incurred with the company, as well as company policies.

If you have the opportunity find out what promotions or offers the company can provide when renting a vehicle.

Ask for extra services that the company can provide, and that can be useful and suit your travel needs. You can buy protection that covers you in case of an incident.

Make sure that the auto details match those of the rental contract. Pay attention to the return date because the fines for noncompliance are costly. Make sure that papers are current.

What kind of car should I rent?

fila2When renting a car you should take into account the needs of your trip. You have to think about the road conditions of where you plan to visit during your trip as well as certain technical specifications related vehicle, body type, and fuel, so you should ask the following questions:

  • Do you need many seats?
  • Do you need cargo space or space for equipment?
  • Do you need a small car to drive and park in the city?
  • Will the car have low fuel consumption?

The place where you are going and who you are traveling with are important factors too. It's not the same to take a trip to Guanacaste (North Pacific in Costa Rica) to Puerto Jimenez (in the South Pacific) that could last for 8-10 hours in a small vehicle accompanied by an adult, or the same trip in a bigger vehicle with your family, including children. These considerations are also very important.

Currently there are many tools that will allow you to calculate distances between one point and another that you will be visiting on your journey, know its coordinates using a GPS, and many other technological advantages.

Avis is a company with over 25 years of operating in Costa Rica and we can assure you the peace of mind you deserve while traveling.

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