October 2017 - AVIS staff carried out a tree planting in Pital de San Marcos de Veracruz in San Carlos as part of the activities that seek to reduce our environmental footprint.


October 2017 - AVIS joins the effort to conserve our environment by cleaning 3200 meters of trails in the Tapantí Macizo de la Muerte National Park.



August 2018 - Official delivery of the infrastructure works in San Rafael School, as part of the Corporate Social Responsibility project.



At AVIS we are committed to the environment, assuming a commitment to sustainability. Through ecological products and our efficient and effective operation, added to the continuous training of our staff towards sustainability this commitment is possible.

We reduce the pollution of the environment by using water pressure washers that reduce water consumption by 80%, and we use the water collected from the roofs to wash the vehicles. We also use biodegradable and recyclable products to contribute to the preservation of our ecology.