Minimum Requirements

  • Minimum rental 24 hours
  • Minimum age 23 years old
  • P.D.W and gas is not included
  • Valid passport and driver’s license

Additional Drivers

Fee: US$ 5 per day per driver

Charge Cards

American Express, Avis charge card, Diners Club, MasterCard, VISA AVIS-honored travel vouchers must be presented in conjunction with a charge card.

Charge Card Hold

Minimum Charge for Card Hold: U.S. $1000 according to vehicle category.


At the time of rental, all USA residents will be required to sign a separate addendum that acknowledges their responsibilities for care of the car and mandates that, should their be any damage issues upon your return to the USA, you will deal with an American based company to handle these issues. This may alleviate the need for international trips or phone calls back to the country of origin.

Drivers License

Valid driver’s license from country of residence is required. International driving license is not required.

One Way Rentals

Cars can be returned to other locations on request. No one way fee applies between Hotel Corobicí Office, Hotel Cariari Office, Airport and Main Office. There is no drop off charge between offices.

One Way Rentals- Outside Country

Not available. Cars are not allowed outside of Costa Rica.


No cash rentals allowed. Travel voucher must equal the total estimated rental charges and must be accompanied by a charge card.

Rule of the Road

Drive on the right.


$ 1.64 per day GOVT VEH CIRC.


Taxes are a mandatory payment.

Fuel Service Charge

The car will be delivered with full tank of gas. AVIS offers the following refueling options:

Option 1:
At the time of rental
Get the full tank of gas at the same rate of local gas stations (Credit is not given at return of car with remaining gas).It saves you time, saves you from unnecessary risks and there´s no need to look for gas stations to refuel before returning the vehicle.
Option 2:
At the time of return
If the vehicle is returned with less than a full tank, customer will pay a fuel charge as specified on the rental agreement (higher than at local gas stations)
Option 3:
Return with tank full
Return the car with the tank full and there will not be refueling service charge.


Cancellation and Refund policy for prepaid reservations:

  • If a customer cancels up to 24 hours prior to pick up date/time, there will be a $50USD fee.
  • If a customer cancels within 24 hours prior to pick up date/time, there will be a $150USD fee.
  • If a customer does not cancel and does not pick up their rental, there will be no refund of their prepaid amount. (No Refunds for No Show)
  • If a customer returns and closes their rental early for less days than originally reserved, the customer will NOT be refunded any unused portion of the prepayment. The rental agreement contract and final receipt to the customer will reflect (NRP) – Non-refundable prepay.
  •  Customers who modify their Pay Now reservation PRIOR to PICKUP and the rate is lower than the original Pay Now rate, the refund will be processed at time of MODIFICATION, not a time of rental RETURN.
  • Customers will receive the difference within 3 to 10 business days of the modification date.